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Cost-effective architectural design solutions that answer the building opportunities of today.

Ernst Architects understands design from the owner's point of view, the politics and the needs. Ernst has managed projects from the changing of an electrical outlet to the construction of multi-story offices. He has been the project designer, the owner's representative, the inspector, the construction superintendent, and the labor on many construction projects. Ernst Architects understands the life history of a building and the requirements for a trouble free building.

Cost-Effective Design
Ernst Architects believes that the most cost-effective solution to any design is the one that fits every user's needs. Whether you need 8˝x11 plans to anchor equipment or a design solution for a new building, Ernst Architects provides the competent and creative service you need to save money and floor space..

Efficient Design

Ernst Architects works one-on-one with the owner’s team to create designs that offer maximum usage for each space. Ernst is currently working on the remodel of an existing cinema into a performing arts theater, working to help the client increase service and production within the existing space. The project also address's ADA issues, quality of life concerns, theater production flow and flood proofing..

Regulatory Experience

Ernst Architects' understanding of regulatory requirements and design will save you time and money. Ernst is a licensed by the California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) as a Class ‘A’ Inspector of Record and has worked with some of the toughest building agencies in the state.

Service and Delivery

Ernst Architects provides you direct access to the principal architect at all times, along with state of the art services and timely solutions. Ernst Architects uses Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CADD) and the Internet as production tools. These tools allow Ernst Architects to create and deliver design solutions quickly for your review. CADD "as-built" drawings also provide accurate, easily adapted information for future work and can save as much 10-20% on future design fees. Ernst Architects has more than 10 years of experience providing CADD services for all of your design needs, and has just added 3-dimensional computer modeling services.

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